The $50K Challenge is Successfully Completed – Part 7

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Thirteen months ago, when I set up the challenge, I decided to set the bar high. At that time, with my prior experience, a great team, and the state of Facebook, I was confident in my ability to scale the website from zero to $10K per month in revenue. However, as you probably know, a goal that is too easily achievable is not very interesting.

That’s why I decided to set a goal high enough that I wasn’t sure I could reach it.

When I decided to take on this challenge and share it publicly, there were two main reasons: one selfless and one selfish.

1) Last year, I attended several SEO and publishing conferences and joined a few mastermind groups. I was fortunate to be in the same room with some of the most successful people in the industry. It was my first time trying out such gatherings, although I’ve always shared everything with my five best friends who are also in this industry.

During these mastermind sessions, one thing became clear to me: I had a lot to share, and I felt completely comfortable with the knowledge and results I had at that time.

I remember returning to my hotel room, feeling empowered. I thought to myself, “Hasib, if you can feel this confident among the most successful, imagine how much more you could share with the public.” It was then I realized that my ego was speaking.

Before that moment, I had assumed that all the strategies we were implementing at my company were obvious to everyone. It’s like those moments when you see someone else doing something incorrectly, and you think, “Isn’t it obvious how to do it right?” You get so accustomed to your own methods. Eventually, I realized that things that were obvious to others were not so clear to me, and that was a humbling insight.

This realization was a trigger and one of the reasons I decided to make myself public, start this challenge, and begin this journey. I consider myself a humble person overall, and I value good people with good intentions. This self-awareness helps me recognize when my ego is taking over and how to rein it in.

2) The selfish reason for this challenge was to promote Strevio, a project I started with two friends. I want to clarify that I would never promote anything I don’t believe in or that I don’t think would deliver the best results for customers.

The reason I committed to the Strevio journey is that my two friends and co-founders are among the best developers in the country. Their work is truly world-class, which assured me that the product we would offer to the public would be exceptional. With my publishing knowledge about what works and their technical expertise, it seemed like the perfect combination—and it really is.

Let’s return to discussing the challenge and share some updates.

If you’ve been following this challenge closely, you probably know that I missed the main goal of reaching $50K per month within the first 12 months. However, just one month later, I reached $67K over the last 30 days.

What’s more, the current trend suggests that I’m earning over $4K per day. If this continues through May, I believe I could achieve my first $100K month.

The strategies that are working right now are similar to those I mentioned in part 6:

  1. Posting pictures with the link in the first comment.
  2. Text posts with a background and the link in the first comment.
  3. Facebook ad arbitrage can be effective if you find articles with good RPM and create ads with low enough CPC.
  4. Investing in likes to generate organic traffic has proven to be an excellent strategy.
  5. Creating additional Facebook pages for the same website is a practical option. It appears more advantageous to have two FB pages with 50K likes each rather than one with 100K likes. However, it’s important not to duplicate content across pages. You can republish on the new page content that was posted a few days earlier on the first one.

The Private Consultation

In the last few months, I’ve received at least 100 messages asking for private consultations. Many were offering $1000+ for just 30 minutes of a call.

I turned down all of these requests, except for one person whose approach was too interesting to refuse. Even then, I declined to take money and suggested that if he purchased a yearly subscription to ​Strevio​, I would agree to the call.

You might wonder why I refused so many requests.

The answer is simple—it’s not a good trade for my time.

One lesson I’ve learned throughout my career is the immense value of my time. This wasn’t always my perspective; 10 years ago, I would happily exchange an hour of my time for $50 and do it every day. Now, however, with the business and team I have, I believe it’s far more valuable for me to invest that hour in my business rather than in providing hourly consultations.

However, I’ve set up many things quite well in my company, and I would like to meet and help some of you. If you’re looking to get into the Facebook game, you’ll likely need Strevio sooner or later, as it offers everything you need in one place: competitor analysis, your Facebook page analysis, and post scheduling.

So, here’s the deal. If you buy a yearly subscription to either the ​Strevio​ Publisher or Agency plan and reply to this email, you’ll receive a 30-minute consultation with me. With any of these plans, you’ll save 20% on yearly billing, which is an added bonus. This offer also applies to current or new Strevio customers.

A one-year commitment also shows that you are serious and willing to invest some time and money to make your Facebook game successful.

After you reply to this email, just write the email you used to subscribe to Strevio, and I’ll send you a Calendly link to schedule our consultation.

As I mentioned previously, my time is limited, so I thought to offer this to the first 10 people who complete all the steps.

I haven’t figured out a successful and transparent way to track this, so I decided to extend this offer to anyone who completes all the steps within the next 24 hours after sending this email, which would be by Friday at 10 AM ET.

I’m looking forward to speaking with some of you.

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