Part 5 of Facebook $50K Challenge: Waiting for March 

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At the start of this month, I spent 10 days in Mexico, having been invited by Mediavine to attend the Mediavine Premiere Retreat conference. I’ll share more about it in my next email, but first, I’d like to update you on the stats from my Facebook $50K Challenge:

Revenue and Profit:

In January, I made $10,225 from Facebook traffic. This is mainly because the niche I’m involved in is somewhat seasonal, with January and February being the slowest months. With the peak season starting in March and lasting until the end of summer, I believe earnings could reach an all-time high in March.

I invested just over $4,000 in Facebook ads in January, resulting in a $6,000 profit. Not bad for January. This investment was not strictly necessary, but I decided it was a good opportunity to grow my pages more affordably.

The plan for next month is to reduce my investment in Facebook ads and focus on increasing profits.

Plan for March:

As I mentioned, the peak season for my niche starts in March, coinciding with the last month of my challenge. The real question is whether I can meet the challenge’s goal and make $50K in one month. While it won’t be impossible, it will be quite challenging. Even with a significant increase in traffic expected in March, $50K seems challenging, though I believe $30K+ is achievable.

History is Repeating Itself:

There’s someone in this industry I greatly admire but haven’t had the chance to meet yet. When I was starting out in this business 10 years ago, I read about a man who was achieving 100M visits a month with just 15 freelancers. He was doing better with Facebook traffic than organizations with over 100 employees. The main lesson for me was that anything is possible. If he could achieve such grand success, I’d be thrilled to achieve just 1% of it.

You probably know who I’m talking about: Scott de Long, the legend behind Viralnova.

In 2016, I founded my company, Alviral, inspired by Viralnova. Over the years, I grew my business to a portfolio of over 20 websites with 15M+ visits a month and co-founded Strevio, a tool designed to help publishers drive more traffic from Facebook.

A year ago, I discovered that Scott created his own challenge: turning $20K into $500K a month. This inspired my current challenge, which I discussed in one of my first tweets on X. /

A few days ago, Scott launched ​The Million Dollar Newsletter Playbook​ course, which I have just finished. I can tell you it offers extraordinary value. He details every step of the process, from picking a niche and creating Facebook ads to launching a newsletter and monetizing it. This course taught me more than 5 years of trial and error with newsletters, filling in gaps in my knowledge and strategy.

How I plan to implement what I learned from Scott’s course

Today, before I began writing this email, I was crafting a strategy to apply everything I’ve learned from ​Scott’s course​. I’m genuinely enthusiastic about this approach, leading me to develop a plan to boost traffic and revenue through newsletters on my websites going forward.

There are several reasons why I’m interested in this method and plan to implement it across most of my sites:

  1. Email Ownership: I’ll always have control over my emails. While other traffic sources may fluctuate, my email list remains a constant, capable of generating traffic and revenue. Even if an email provider were to fail, I can switch to another and maintain my success.
  2. Monetization Opportunities: There are several exciting monetization strategies that are currently effective, and I believe they will only become more lucrative. The future is promising.
  3. Flexibility: Whether you already have a website and content or are starting from scratch, this method works. Its adaptability to any situation is a significant plus for me.
  4. Scalability: Those who know me are aware I prefer strategies that are easy to scale. This strategy is not just for making $5K/month; I see the potential to scale it to $100K/month. This possibility is what excites me the most.

I’ll be sending you an email on Monday about my experiences in Mexico and everything I learned there.

In the meantime, I suggest ​picking up Scott’s course​ to see how you can implement it. Let me know your plans—I’m interested to hear how you intend to apply these strategies.