Part 3 of Facebook $50K Challenge: The Journey Continues

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Hello again,

As you know, I started this Facebook challenge in April this year. The rules were simple: I needed to achieve $50K/month in revenue in 12 months from Facebook traffic.

At that time, I joined X and thought it was an amazing idea to start a challenge and share strategies and tips during this journey.

In the meantime, I was kind of active on X, but the last email I sent to you guys was in May this year.

The main reason I paused this challenge was because I thought I would enjoy the entire process more.

All this time, I was more active as a reader on X than as a creator, and I thought about how cool many of those creators in our niche are.

I always have many things to share, and I thought I could be the same.

The truth is, my real joy lies in creating and scaling content sites, not in talking about it.

Another reason for pausing the challenge was the struggle with this specific project. When things don’t go as planned, it can be hard to maintain motivation, let alone talk about the setbacks. Yet, interestingly, all my other projects are doing really well with Facebook, showing better numbers than ever. The only exception has been this challenge project.

But now, I have some exciting news to share.

What’s been happening from May to October?

In those six months, I spent about $27,308 on ads, roughly $4,500 per month. Here are some screenshots from my Facebook Ads Manager. You’ll notice two screenshots because I created a second page for the same website.

During this time, I earned $21,171 from Facebook traffic with Mediavine ads.

Am I satisfied? Not entirely.

Despite these numbers, I believe in the long-term profitability of this strategy. At any time, I could turn off ads, stop creating content, and still have a passive cash flow. But I wanted more.

So, what changed in November?

In a word: magic.

November’s numbers were incredible: $18,256 in one month on Mediavine, with just $1,568 spent on Facebook ads. That’s a profit of $16.5K in a single month!

Over the past six months leading up to November, we tried nearly everything, but nothing seemed to work. We applied the same strategies that were successful on our other Facebook pages and niches. However, these methods were ineffective here.

There is one practice that we have been using consistently, and it’s a key leverage point for us.

It involves using a feature in Strevio called ‘Strevio Intelligence.’

If you’re not familiar with Strevio, this feature works like analyzing your competitors on Facebook in the same way that Ahrefs or Semrush do for search engines.

Just as you can find good keywords in your niche with these tools, Strevio Intelligence allows you to add the Facebook pages of your competitors and, within minutes, discover what’s working for them.

We focused on three key aspects:

  1. The topics competitors were publishing and what was resonating with their audience.
  2. The types of featured images they were using.
  3. Their overall posting strategies, like whether they posted links directly or used images with links in the comments or above.

We’ve added 7 competitors which we’re checking every week on Strevio Intelligence.

In November, we noticed a shift in our competitors’ topics and strategies.

At the same time, our strategy involved creating content on the same and similar topics that were performing well on our competitors’ Facebook pages, and posting them in a similar manner.

Additionally, I believe that our creativity and coverage of topics are far superior to theirs.

After just a few days, we achieved amazing results, with 30% of our posts going viral.

The Big Picture

I run a media company with 14M monthly visits and $320K in revenue last month across 20 content sites, with a significant chunk of traffic coming from Facebook. Shifting our focus to Facebook earlier this year was one of the best decisions I’ve made in the past decade.

I’ll say it once more: “The biggest opportunity for content sites in 2023, and now as we approach 2024, is leveraging Facebook traffic.”

The most significant leverage you can gain from this strategy involves testing as many Facebook page ad campaigns as possible with a small budget, while using ​Strevio​ for your content strategy.

What’s Next?

I’m not sure when the next update will be. As I mentioned at the beginning of this email, I enjoy building things much more than talking about them. However, as the situation with this site is now significantly improving (we’re currently earning over $1K daily in December from Facebook traffic), my motivation to talk about it has greatly increased.

I would like to note that the results we’re achieving on our other sites are much better than on this one, and I look forward to discussing those strategies in the future as well, not just this challenge.

I plan to send another email about these successes before the end of the year and the holidays.

Talk to you soon,

Hasib Alic