Part 2: I made $1844 in the first month of this challenge

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As you may know, I began my challenge to reach $50K in revenue from Facebook traffic on April 1st. In this email, I’ll share an overview of the first month with you.

If you missed my earlier updates, you can find them here: https://strevio.com/category/challenge/

Before diving into the details, I’d like to talk about my experience building things publicly.

First, I have to say: it’s really tough. I’ve created many successful projects before, but I never shared anything with the public. The great thing about working privately is that you don’t have to explain anything to anyone, and you can focus all your energy on the project.

Would I quit this challenge because of that?

Absolutely not. I genuinely enjoy other aspects of this challenge, as I believe I can share valuable insights with the public and contribute to the community. So far, I’ve been loving it.

In this email, you will find:

  • How much I spent on Facebook ads
  • How much traffic did I get from my Facebook page?
  • My earnings from last month
  • A summary of my activities for the previous month

How much I spent on Facebook ads

In April, I spent $4,886 on Facebook ads, resulting in 71K likes at an average cost of $0.07 per like.

During the first month of this challenge, I grow the Facebook page from 0 to 77K likes.

You might notice a difference between the likes gained from Facebook ads and the total likes. The extra 6K likes came from organic sharing of my content on Facebook.

Am I happy with the Facebook ad results?

Sort of, but not completely. I’m pleased that I could grow the Facebook page to 77K likes in the first month, but I’m not too happy about the cost per like.

As I mentioned in previous emails, testing multiple ads is crucial for a better cost per like. I was a bit lazy and used the same ads throughout the month.

The cost per like increased, but I didn’t make any changes. I want to fix this in the future, and I think it’ll make a big difference. I believe that in this niche, I could achieve a consistent cost per like of up to $0.05.

How much traffic I got from Facebook page

Last month, my Facebook page brought in 71K sessions. As you can see in the screenshot below, there were two significant spikes in Facebook traffic. That happened because one of the posts I published went viral twice in 15 days.

When I realized that this post went viral the first time, I republished it after two weeks, and it went viral again. Republishing top-performing posts more often is a powerful strategy, and that’s why I built Strevio in the first place.

My earnings from last month

As you probably know I’m using Mediavine for monetization on almost all of my websites.

Thanks to Mediavine dashboard, it’s possible to check out how much my website earned just from Facebook traffic.

As you can see website made $1844 just the first month of this challenge. That’s crazy.

The main reason why I pivoted vast majority of my strategy from SEO to Facebook is this.

It would take me at least a year to grow my niche website from 0 to 70K in sessions and 1800$ in revenue. With Facebook I was able to do that in first month.

What I did last month

My strategy was publishing five posts per day on Facebook when my audience was most active.

Since this is just the beginning, I’m testing various topics.

I mainly use Strevio for topic inspiration for now. So far, I’ve found 10+ successful pages in my niche, and with Strevio Intelligence, I’m discovering their best-performing content.

Here’s an example:

I believe if that type of content does well on their Facebook page, there’s no reason it won’t on mine.

My goal is to borrow the topic idea and make it my own. However, you can create the same type of article if you want.

The second thing I use Strevio for is to find out which featured images and titles work best for my competitors. I try to use that as inspiration and create similar featured images and titles.

Also, I use Strevio is to stay updated on my competitors’ activities and results. In the last 10 days, I noticed they were posting pictures and writing descriptions above them, along with a link to the article. This strategy works well on their Facebook pages.

For instance, here’s an example:

My plan is to test this approach on my Facebook pages to see how it impacts engagement and website traffic.

I don’t want to simply copy my competitors’ strategies, which could work, but I plan to improve those strategies with my ideas to achieve even better results and performance.

The reason I’m not innovating much right now is that I want to test things as they are and see how they perform.

Once I have some of my ideas in place, I can compare them to my competitors’ strategies and see how much better my ideas are.

That wraps up what happened in the first month of this challenge.

If you have any thoughts or questions on anything in this email, feel free to reply.

Thanks for reading,