My journey begins: From 0 to $50K in revenue from Facebook traffic

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Hello again,

I hope you’re as excited as I am to follow my journey in this ambitious challenge! As we progress together, I want to assure you of my commitment to three core principles: being direct, maintaining full transparency, and providing regular updates.

Before we dive in, let me clarify a few things:

1. I am not building a new website from scratch

I have challenged myself to grow my existing website Facebook traffic from zero to $50K in monthly revenue within the next 12 months. This website, which I created a year ago, currently monetizes through Mediavine and receives organic search traffic as well as some Pinterest traffic.

However, it has had zero Facebook traffic so far. I began working on this strategy on April 1st and decided to share it publicly two weeks later. The main reason I chose this website for the challenge is that I planned to work on its Facebook traffic even if the challenge didn’t exist.

My decision not to start this challenge on a brand new domain comes from the fact that I already have a lot on my plate. As the CEO of a media company with 50+ employees, I manage 15+ content sites and a KDP publishing business. Additionally, I am an operator with EF Capital (now Webstreet), where I raised $1.5M for acquiring content sites, and a co-founder of Strevio, a tool that helps publishers grow their Facebook traffic.

With everything that I have going on, taking on this challenge and creating one more website just isn’t something I want to do at this moment.

I’d like to address a couple of thoughts you might have about the possible advantages I have in this journey:

a) Available content to post on the Facebook page

It’s true that I have some content on the website already, but not many articles are good for posting on Facebook. Over the past year, we made content focused on SEO to get more traffic from search engines. Most of this content is about long-tail keywords, which might not work well on Facebook.

Right now, the website has 750 articles, but we’ve chosen only 100 that we think might do well on Facebook (I’ll count these 100 articles as a starting cost). From now on, we’ll make content specially designed to get more traffic from Facebook.

b) Existing Mediavine monetization

Yes, my website already uses Mediavine ads to make money. But this doesn’t really change the challenge. In the first two months, once I get 50K visits per month, I would be able to use Mediavine anyway.

Besides, the money made during these first two months is small compared to the main goal of making $50K/month from Facebook traffic.

In the end, neither of these things gives me a big advantage in reaching the high goal I’ve set.

2. I have a $50K budget to reach $50K/month in revenue

As I mentioned earlier, reaching $50K/month isn’t too difficult if you have an unlimited budget. That’s why this part is essential.

Throughout this journey, I’ll share a profit and loss (P&L) statement so you can see how I’m investing the money, how much I’m making, and how much budget remains.

What to expect from me in the future:

My main plan is to create a Facebook page where I’ll run ads for LIKE campaigns, grow the page, post daily, and generate organic Facebook traffic that I can monetize with Mediavine.

  • I’ll send updates every two weeks (probably around the 5th and 20th of each month)

These updates will cover the first and second halves of the month. In these updates, I’ll explain:

  • How I’m running Facebook ads for LIKE campaigns and my investment
  • The growth of the Facebook page
  • How often I’m posting daily
  • My process for creating content that performs best on Facebook
  • Every strategy, tip, and trick I’m using for the best results
  • The amount of traffic and revenue I’m generating with Mediavine
  • A P&L statement and a plan for the next two weeks

On Wednesday, I’ll send the first email detailing the first two weeks of the challenge (April 1st-15th). In that email, besides all the things I mentioned above, I’ll also discuss why I decided to create a Facebook page for this website and how to determine which niche will perform well on Facebook.

I know my goal is ambitious, but as the saying goes, “If your goals don’t scare you, they’re not big enough.” If I set a lower goal, it would be much easier for me and I’d feel more confident about achieving it. But that wouldn’t make me happy, and I want to be inspired by the goal and enjoy the process. Even if I fail, it won’t be my first failure, and I’ll be okay with that.

In the end, I promise to do my best to achieve this goal, and I don’t want to embarrass myself publicly. 😀

Thank you for all the support you’ve given me; it truly means a lot.

See you in two days.