Introducing Strevio Scheduler: The Most Powerful Facebook Scheduling Tool for Publishers

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New Features

Six years ago, my co-founder Haris and I came up with the idea for Strevio. At that time, we had tested many tools intended to help us analyze our Facebook pages and grow our Facebook traffic. After a few months of using these tools, we realized that none of them completely met our needs – they weren’t even close.

While many of these tools had a decent feature for scheduling posts, and they worked well, they were painfully slow.Their ways of analyzing how well posts performed were really lacking. Moreover, as the dynamics of Facebook changed and different types of posts began to perform better, none of these tools adapted to those changes.

The reason was clear: these tools were not specifically designed for publishers who aim to boost and drive more traffic on Facebook.

There are two critical points to highlight:

1. For most of these tools, Facebook was just one of the many features, bundled with other social platforms.

2. Secondly, they weren’t built with publishers in mind but were aimed at a broad range of businesses, offering a universal solution that fell short of being effective for specific needs.

This realization led us to create Strevio, initially for our own use, to provide solutions that were truly effective. After using Strevio internally for a few years and observing that our entire team relied heavily on it, we recognized it was time to share it with the world.

What’s Working Best on Facebook in 2024

I wrote​ this blog post​ where I explain the entire journey and all the step-by-step actions you need to take to achieve amazing results on Facebook.

Today, I’ll share with you the two types of posts that are performing the best at the moment.

Pictures perform well on Facebook, but posting an image alone won’t drive traffic to your website. The trick is to post your link in the first comment and mention in the image’s description that further information can be found in the comments.

Your goal should be to create and share interesting photos relevant to your niche that will engage your audience and encourage them to interact with the comment containing your link. This strategy has proven highly effective on many of our Facebook pages, significantly boosting traffic to our website.

The downside? Currently, there’s no tool available that allows you to schedule a post with the first comment automatically. Manually managing this can be a hassle, but don’t worry, there’s a solution coming up.

These types of posts are experiencing incredible reach and engagement. The number of comments these posts receive amplifies their reach even more. Similar to image posts, the goal is to maximize comments to enhance engagement and reach, ultimately driving traffic to your website via a link in the comments.

The downside is that no tools exist to create or schedule these particular types of posts or to add a comment to them automatically. Currently, they must be created and managed manually on Facebook.

However, there’s good news: we have a solution for this issue too.

Big announcement: The Strevio Scheduler is now live

Strevio offers 3 key features that make it the perfect tool for publishers:

1. With Strevio’s feature called Intelligence, you can analyze your Facebook competitors just like you would with SEO tools such as Ahrefs or Semrush. Strevio Intelligence allows you to discover their most effective post types, learn what’s working for them, and adopt similar strategies. You can identify which topics, titles, and featured images are most effective.

2. Second feature is the ability to analyze your own page. This is crucial because it helps you understand what’s most effective for your audience. With just a few clicks, you can identify your top-performing posts to reschedule them, enhancing engagement and driving more traffic to your site.

3. Strevio Scheduler: Further information and details are provided below

Unique features of Strevio that enable publishers to achieve maximum results

Remember the two types of posts we discussed earlier—pictures with a link in the comments and text posts with a background and a link in the comments? You can now create and schedule these post types with Strevio, eliminating the need for manual effort.

1. Pictures followed by a first comment, where you can include a link to your article

2. Text posts with background images, also with a first comment for your article link

Important notice: Whenever you create posts of this type with a link in the comment on Strevio, you will have the option to reschedule these posts with one click in the future, including the comment. This feature has helped us achieve amazing results and save a significant amount of time.

Here’s the complete list of all the additional features available with the Strevio Scheduler:

1. Choose your timezone and select the times you want to post throughout the week

2. Create and schedule new posts for the times you’ve selected or add them to a queue

You can schedule various types of posts with Strevio, including:

a) Standard link posts with a description above.

b) Pictures followed by a first comment, where you can include a link to your article

c) Text posts with background images, also with a first comment for your article link.

d) All other standard types of posts, like statuses and pictures.

3. Identify your top-performing posts and reschedule them using Strevio.

With just a few clicks in Strevio, you can analyze your Facebook page to find your most successful posts. Rescheduling these posts can significantly boost engagement on your Facebook page and drive more traffic to your website. We recommend republishing these posts once every month or two.

4. Improve Your Descriptions Easily with AI

If you’re considering republishing one of your top-performing posts, a great way to boost your engagement and traffic is by updating the description.

You could do this manually, but there’s also an option where, with just one click, you receive five suggested descriptions. You can then choose the one you believe will perform the best.

5.  Schedule posts across multiple pages

If you manage multiple Facebook pages for your website, you can schedule posts on as many as you wish with Strevio. This feature can significantly simplify your scheduling process, and we strongly recommend using it.

6. Add your team members to Strevio

Depending on your Strevio plan, you can add up to 10 users. Assign them roles and select which Facebook pages you want them to manage for you.

7. Easily carry over your previous posting times with just one click

“I’m currently using Buffer (or another tool) and manage many Facebook pages. It seems like it would be a hassle to set up posting times again on Strevio.”

No worries! It’s actually quite simple. Once you link your page to Strevio, a single click will bring over all the posting times you’ve set up before. No need to start from scratch.

While we have many more features and interesting updates to add to Strevio, we truly believe that we have built the ultimate tool that can help publishers achieve the best possible traffic results.

You have a 7-day free trial to try Strevio and test all of our features. If there is anything that would be helpful to you and you would like to see in Strevio, please don’t hesitate to email me at hasib@strevio.com.