Challenge: Watch me grow a niche site to $50K per month with Facebook traffic within 12 months on a $50K budget

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Hey there, I’m Hasib, co-founder of Strevio.

At the moment, I manage over 15 content sites that collectively attract 10M+ visits each month and generate $120K+ in monthly revenue through ad monetization.

Throughout my journey in building these sites, I’ve always aimed for diversification, with traffic coming from organic search, Pinterest, and, of course, Facebook.

Following a significant Pinterest update last year and several Google updates within the past six months, I’ve decided to shift my focus entirely to Facebook and master its potential.

I must confess, Facebook was my first love in the online space. My initial major success occurred in 2017 when I managed to generate over 1M+ visits on certain days using Facebook Instant Articles.

I believed the golden days of Facebook were gone, but recent results suggest they’ve made a comeback.

The success I’m experiencing with Facebook traffic now is astounding, and I believe it’s an incredible opportunity that I can’t afford to miss.

Currently, I’m generating over 4M+ visits per month on my sites solely from Facebook.

Here are some screenshots from Google Analytics for my sites:

With all this in mind, I’ve created a challenge for myself: reach $50K in monthly revenue from a Facebook page I started at the beginning of April 2023.

I set such an ambitious goal because lower targets wouldn’t be challenging enough, and I wouldn’t enjoy the journey if I knew deep down that I could achieve it easily.

I’ve also established some rules for this challenge:

  • The total investment budget is $50K
  • I’ll document the entire journey, including my process, plans, tactics, and results
  • I’ll send two updates per month via email
  • I’ll post at least twice a week on Twitter (you can follow me here) with tips and tricks I’m implementing

I invite you to join me on this journey!

Updates will initially be delivered through email, followed by postings on my website. You can access these updates below or sign up here.