The $50K Challenge is Successfully Completed – Part 7

Thirteen months ago, when I set up the challenge, I decided to set the bar high. At that time, with my prior experience, a great team, and the state of Facebook, I was confident in my ability to scale the website from zero to $10K per month in revenue. However, as you probably know, a […]

Part 6 of the Facebook $50K Challenge: $$$ March numbers

I won’t get into the current state of SEO, which is tough for small publishers. For over six months, I’ve been saying that Facebook is the best platform for publishers right now. Last year, we moved 95% of our content production to focus on Facebook, which turned out to be one of my best business […]

Part 5 of Facebook $50K Challenge: Waiting for March 

Hello, At the start of this month, I spent 10 days in Mexico, having been invited by Mediavine to attend the Mediavine Premiere Retreat conference. I’ll share more about it in my next email, but first, I’d like to update you on the stats from my Facebook $50K Challenge: Revenue and Profit: In January, I […]

Part 4 of Facebook $50K Challenge: December > November

Hello, I hope you’re all doing great. Today was my first day back at work after the holidays, and I’m excited to share some updates and tips with you. Business that never sleeps The great thing about our business is that even when everyone in the company had 10 days off at the end of […]

Part 3 of Facebook $50K Challenge: The Journey Continues

Hello again, As you know, I started this Facebook challenge in April this year. The rules were simple: I needed to achieve $50K/month in revenue in 12 months from Facebook traffic. At that time, I joined X and thought it was an amazing idea to start a challenge and share strategies and tips during this […]

Part 2: I made $1844 in the first month of this challenge

As you may know, I began my challenge to reach $50K in revenue from Facebook traffic on April 1st. In this email, I’ll share an overview of the first month with you. If you missed my earlier updates, you can find them here: https://strevio.com/category/challenge/​ Before diving into the details, I’d like to talk about my experience […]

Part 1: Facebook page is growing quickly + first viral post

Hello again, One important factor in my career and life is consistently getting a good night’s sleep. I usually fall asleep quite easily and manage to get around 8 hours of sleep each night. If it’s not necessary, I prefer not to leave my bed before 8 a.m. Every few months, nights like last night […]

My journey begins: From 0 to $50K in revenue from Facebook traffic

Hello again, I hope you’re as excited as I am to follow my journey in this ambitious challenge! As we progress together, I want to assure you of my commitment to three core principles: being direct, maintaining full transparency, and providing regular updates. Before we dive in, let me clarify a few things: 1. I […]

Challenge: Watch me grow a niche site to $50K per month with Facebook traffic within 12 months on a $50K budget

Hey there, I’m Hasib, co-founder of Strevio. At the moment, I manage over 15 content sites that collectively attract 10M+ visits each month and generate $120K+ in monthly revenue through ad monetization. Throughout my journey in building these sites, I’ve always aimed for diversification, with traffic coming from organic search, Pinterest, and, of course, Facebook. […]