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Facebook marketing made simple for content creators.

Hey everyone—

I'm Hasib, CEO of Strevio and a publisher, probably like you. I currently manage 15+ websites, which together receive over 4M+ monthly visits from Facebook alone, with that number consistently growing.

Throughout my journey, I've experimented extensively and discovered that republishing my top-performing posts on Facebook pages in a single day leads to a significant increase in traffic. After doing this consistently for a month, my traffic increased by 5x.

It may sound too good to be true, but the challenge was identifying the best posts daily for just one Facebook page, let alone five which I was running at the time. Finding all the posts was tough and time-consuming, and this is what inspired the creation of Strevio.

My goal was to create a software solution that could quickly identify all top-performing posts, making the process more efficient and effective. With the help of two friends, we brought Strevio to life.

We incorporated additional innovative features, including competitor Facebook page analysis to identify their best-performing posts, and comprehensive analytics to monitor the outcomes. This gives us an idea of which topics perform the best on Facebook, so we can create the same or similar content. These upgrades resulted in further improvements to our Facebook traffic.

If you're looking to boost your Facebook traffic, give Strevio a try. You'll be amazed by the time saved and the results achieved.

Find your overperforming posts for republishing.

Increase your traffic by 5X with republishing your best content.

Unlock your Facebook page's full potential by easily finding your top-performing content.
Let Strevio organize your evergreen content based on your chosen timeline.
Identify the days with the most clicks and engagement and quickly track your best content during those times.
Republish your best-performing content regularly to maximize traffic from Facebook to your Website.

Analyze your competitors and steal their best ideas

Discover an unlimited number of high-performing topics and content ideas.

Curious about how to find the best topics for your niche and get more traffic? Strevio makes it simple.

Find the most successful posts on any related Facebook page and get inspired by their ideas.
By knowing what works for them, you can boost your traffic and your Facebook page's performance.
See which titles and featured images grab their audience's attention, and use these insights to improve your own content creation for your posts.

Powerful Analytics

Discover which topics gain the most traffic on your Facebook page and which don't, in order to create your ultimate strategy

Get all the data you need to maximize your Facebook page's traffic in one place.
Access essential data for each of your posts, such as:

Post rating
Historical performance data
Total clicks for every time the post was published
The best times for each post's performance
Top performing days and months on your Facebook page
and so much more…
Fatstacks blog

“I had the good fortune to try out Strevio early on. I say good fortune because it's helped me dramatically increase my organic Facebook traffic to my niche site. I use Strevio almost daily to constantly improve Facebook post performance. The data Strevio provides me blazingly fast is unmatched by any social media software I've used, and I've used many.

If you drive traffic from Facebook or want to, Strevio is a must-have tool in your arsenal. ”

5 out of 5 stars

Jon Dykstra
Jon Dykstra
Fatstacks Blog
Fatstacks blog

"Facebook has dropped the ball on its analytics for some time. And for sites that rely on social media for traffic, having a history of your best performing posts is crucial to success. I use Strevio to track competitors Facebook pages and analyze my own. The product saves a ridiculous amount of time and produces instant traffic gains. Plus I've had the chance to speak with Hasib personally. Smart guy, super attentive and extremely helpful.

Strevio's definitely an invaluable tool in my social media box. "

5 out of 5 stars

Nat Berman
Nat Berman
CEO - Uncoached Corp



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$39 /month
  • Analyze Your Pages

  • Find best performing posts

  • 1 Facebook page

  • 5 competitor pages

  • Get Access to Facebook Private Group

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$79 /month
  • Everything Blogger plan has, plus

  • Analyze competitors

  • Find their best performing posts

  • 5 users

  • 5 Facebook pages

  • 25 competitor pages


$175 /month
  • Everything Publisher plan has, plus

  • Reporting

  • 10 users

  • 15 Facebook pages

  • 75 competitor pages

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